Wednesday, September 12, 2007

old drawings of darren at a pub, selda and peter han at gary meyers class

These are some school drawings of some old friends.

this is some character stuff i did awhile back. I hope to post more of this stuff soon. because of a time limit i had to use photo reference for some of the explosions . after that i was able to make to rest up. it reads better as a small picture.


These are some of my watercolors 16x20 inches?close, that i did a while back, they are from the art center workshops( i dont go anymore to far away), la underground workshop and the boat is from san pedro. havnt done waters in a while. i miss,. its has become my favorite painting medium because its so much like drawing.

Pasadena chalk fetival 07

This is a chalk sidewalk piece my friend sean sullivan i did during the pasadena chalk fest. its an over head view of pasadena city hall and surrounding cities. we won best 3d piece, it took about 14 hrs in blazing heat and its 6x6, during the making of the piece i was interviewed by a national spanish language show, very awkward because i speak peasant spanish. good times

big workshop painting

This is a painting i did at the Art Center workshop 6x4 feet sometime around last year, i had to work in a hurry because of limited time, i did a series of these to help speed up my oil painting. this one is my fav.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drawing at the getty

This 11x17 inch drawing i did at the Getty, during the impressionist show. Amazing Drawings!. As people walked be i sketched them.. i enjoy doing these.